Ain’t My Child




You won’t need to look for God if you learn to understand your parents. Your parents will make you see God.

Children of today are more up-to-date than their parents. All of them want to live their lives in complete privacy. For their children’s facility, parents have put in a lot of effort. Nowadays, parents provide more for their children’s needs than they actually need.

Give your child the opportunity to work hard if you want him to be intelligent.

A toy is often given to a child before he asks for it. Fashionable clothes and various kinds of food are also readily available to them because of their parents' hard work. Parents love their children so much, if a child asks for just one thing, they will give it to him ten times. Children are not used to hearing "No" because of all of these amenities.

A child does not realize that his parents have put in so much effort to acquire all of these conveniences for him because they become accustomed to them from an early age. A child has no idea how much their parents have done for them. Even if they work late, parents fulfill all of their children’s wishes.

Parents do not spend time with their children for all of these reasons. The child does not understand the significance of money or the sacrifices made by his or her parents as a result of these facilities.

The child enjoys late-night parties and spending more time with his friends and mobile phone as a result. A child neglects his family time. The child has lived there all his life.

Now that the child is an adult, he makes significant life choices without consulting his parents. If these children make decisions about their life partners or businesses without consulting their parents, they will fail.

In addition, the child is not used to listening to advice from his childhood, so if the parents go to the child to offer advice, the child will not believe them.

This time, the child flees from his parents if he is subjected to pressure. A child will now have the impression that his parents do not comprehend him. To explain their child at this time, the parents must act politely and not forcefully. If not, the child will take the wrong path.

The solution is that parents will strengthen their child’s bond if they spend some of their precious time together. A child will be able to communicate with their parents about their joys and sorrows. The child will listen to their parents' advice throughout both good and bad times. He will talk to his parents about anything and will consider them friends. Family, in my opinion, is everything.

Spending money on children is not as important as spending time with them. The child will be there for the parents' support when they need it most. In their later years, the child will serve the parents.




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