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Choosing Me

3 min readMar 19, 2023
Photo by Marlon Alves on Unsplash

On my social media accounts, I’m dating. It’s a lovely bond.

I don't know, but I feel a lot different, and I can feel my growth since turning 20. Being a sweet girl, loving, and being loved topped my list. organizing my aesthetic board for everything, searching the internet for things that make me smile sheepishly, and gaining clarity about life. everything I could think of, including my hairstyle, room decor, and outfits. In any case, I never figured this could happen so quick.

Additionally, these two young women were my favorite influencers. They give everything this beautiful look, which I adore or would love to try. However, it transpired one day. I didn't anticipate it. I literally rushed to my friend's hostel after seeing it, knocking on her door and panting so loudly. I then inquired, "Have you seen it?" I asked my friend, "seen what?" I informed her that my favorite soul sisters were no longer friends as I downloaded everything for her. In fact, they both have blocked each other from all of their social media accounts. What possibilities existed? similar to that?

Friendship breakups were something I had no idea would happen to me. So, after all of the inappropriate laughs and silly jokes we've shared, are we just going to see each other one day and walk by? Wow! I was not told this. Life, on the other hand, does not warn you in advance. I mean, I never gave my parents my permission before I was born.

You know how they say each occasion you experience in life shapes you for something? It did! Because I wanted certain people in my life, I saw myself acting very out of character. I desired their approval and our grotesque laughter. I desired to interact with them and be around them.

I realized I wasn't getting anything back after dealing with all these one-sided delusional activities—oh, yeah, I can be very delusional. One night, I awoke. I don't lie. I stood up that late evening conversing with myself simply the manner in which a spouse would wake her better half to discuss how they have not had the option to duplicate in Yoruba films. In the end, there is no distinction. I'm a Yoruba woman, and my crazy ideas were not working, so I went to bed at midnight!

In the midst of my problem, I checked to see if the sisters of Favorite Soul had reunited or were just playing pranks on their fans. Additionally, they are not reuniting. It might not just be beneficial to them. My predicament was unaffected by the time of midnight.

I eventually discovered the answer. I understood I was generally after individuals' approval about me, I didn't know of what my identity was, and I didn't do things I truly needed to do. Friends come and go, boooo! Don't make a big deal of it.

I talked to myself about how humans are like the seasons spring, summer, winter, and fall. You need to wear certain weather-appropriate clothes for each season. People are also. You will need some people for a particular journey, or you will meet some people with whom you will collaborate.

I came to the realization that people are only around for a short time, so don't get bogged down in details and enjoy every stage of a relationship. And if you ever feel disrespected in a relationship, don't wait until the wee hours of the morning to tell them. Do the necessary and shine. Yes, when my mind is at ease, I radiate. And I'll always choose that part.




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