Reflecting Life

Don’t Let Life Take Charge

2 min readNov 21, 2022


Be the reason your own smile. Make Yourself Content Once More!A person enjoying the sunset from a rocky mountaintop. Make yourself smile. Don’t rely on anyone for that; people will leave, and that’s okay they leave to make room for charismatic newcomers.

Sweetheart, people leave, and it’s possible that they become content after being alone with you or that they no longer care about you as much. The problem lies in your inability to temper your expectations;else, your assumptions will insult you.

To experience the magic of life, all you need to do is separate yourself from the promises they made, the expectations that arise when someone promises anything, and all of your fears and expectations.

It will be hard, but you, my tough friend, will be able to do it easily. Don’t let these things ruin your life or bring you down. You might get hurt from time to time, but you will learn and grow into a better, more loving, and adorable version of yourself.

Don’t let these things make you lazy; when things go wrong, stay with discipline because discipline is a loyal friend who never fails you.
Try not to allow assumptions to demolish your genuine serenity, assume total command over yourself, and lead yourself to the best way of greatness. Do reflections, go on a walk around nature, dance in the downpour, watch fascinating films, and be thankful.

The one person who will always be there for you, who cares about your happiness, and who wishes for you to be content with who you are is YOU.

Therefore, be happy and content with yourself. Do You Want Peace in the shortest Time Possible? It can be achieved by expressing gratitude for all of your experiences and possessions.

Be thankful for everything, even the awful things, because they helped you become a stronger and wiser version of yourself. Create your own affirmations based on your needs with creativity.

Be grateful because having an attitude of gratitude can make you feel full of love, prosperity, and joy. Give yourself the love you so sincerely deserve, friend.




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